We brush our teeth every day, almost without thinking about it. But how often do you replace your toothbrush? According to dentists and dental hygienists, you should do this every three months. Unfortunately, most people don’t. Not very wise, because a worn-out toothbrush can cause more damage to your teeth than you think. Would you like to find out what a worn-out toothbrush does to your teeth? In this blog, we will tell you why you should throw away that worn-out toothbrush as soon as possible!

When should you replace your toothbrush?

You can brush your teeth the best way possible, but don’t fool yourself, after a while it really is time to replace your toothbrush. The rule of thumb is to do this every three months; that is when the bristles have had their day. The bristles begin to face outwards and are no longer as upright as when you bought the toothbrush. This influences the way you brush. The bristles are no longer firm and stiff enough to optimally brush your teeth. However, this is only one of the reasons you should replace your toothbrush. 


That toothbrush that you have been using for more than three months contains millions of bacteria. Consequently, the risk is high that the number of bad bacteria in your mouth increases, while your mouth should be cleaner after brushing. When the bad bacteria remain in your mouth for a long time, they can accumulate. The result is plaque, bad breath and worst-case scenario, cavities. 

Is your toothbrush ready to be replaced? Try the Better Toothbrush. This toothbrush brushes your teeth and massages your gums. That way you have a clean toothbrush in your bathroom that will also keep your gums healthy. Who wouldn’t want that? 

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