Daily routines become such a habit that you sometimes become lazy in how you carry them out. Many people are not aware that this affects the result. Take brushing your teeth for example; you probably brush your teeth twice a day, as you should. But do you actually know what exactly you are doing or are you also guilty of making one of the following mistakes when brushing your teeth?

Not brushing long enough

Quickly brushing your teeth in the morning before leaving the house and being so tired in the evening that you just want to get into bed. Sounds familiar? Chances are that you don’t make it to two minutes of brushing. That is why you should set a timer on your phone or use a kitchen timer in the bathroom in order to time your brushing from now on. And of course, do not cut yourself any slack!

Eating sweet or sour products before brushing 

Bacteria in the mouth convert sugars into acids, which in turn can affect the teeth enamel, creating cavities. Fortunately, saliva allows our teeth to naturally recuperate from this acid attack. However, this requires time. When you brush your teeth immediately after eating sweet or sour products, you brush these acids into the enamel and ultimately, damage the teeth even more. Therefore, wait at least half an hour after you have eaten before brushing your teeth.

Forgetting to brush your gums

We are often reminded to brush our teeth and as a result, the rest is quickly forgotten. Nevertheless, most bacteria are between the teeth and the gums. That is why brushing your gums is just as important as brushing your teeth. Do you find it difficult to brush your teeth and your gums? Choose a toothbrush that brushes your teeth and gums at the same time.

Not replacing your toothbrush on time

Most dentists and oral hygienists recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months. This is because after a while, your toothbrush is filled with bacteria, even when you clean it thoroughly after usage. In addition, the effect of the bristles decreases after about three months. Better safe than sorry; replace your toothbrush on time! 

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