We all know that brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing and using interdental brushes is good for your teeth. But what else can you do to keep your teeth and gums healthy? You probably know already that sugars and acids are bad for your teeth and gums. But which nutrients are good for your gums? We will tell you which food contributes to healthy gums and explain how it keeps your oral cavity healthy!

Nutrients for healthy gums

Although nowadays we have the most advanced toothbrushes and the most effective toothpastes, many people still suffer from gum problems. That is because poor brushing habits are not the only cause of gum problems; a poor lifestyle also plays an important role in creating unhealthy gums. Certain nutrients help you keep your gums healthy.


Calcium is important for the bones and thus also for your teeth and gums. Milk and cheese, in particular, are rich in calcium. So drink that extra glass of milk or have a sandwich with cheese!

Vitamins D and E

Vitamin D decreases gums sensitivity and facilitates calcium intake. Fatty fish and margarine are an important source of this vitamin. Vitamin E decreases inflammatory reactions. This vitamin can be found in seeds, grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits and more.


Zinc has an indirect effect on oral tissues. Zinc contributes to a strong immune system, which can fight bacteria in the mouth. Zinc can mostly be found in whole-grain products, nuts, legumes, rice, meat and fish. So definitely choose whole-grain bread instead of white bread and eat a handful of nuts every day. This is not only good for your mouth, it’s also a healthy choice!


Research shows that people with periodontitis (gum infection) often have low magnesium values. That is why you should eat sufficient nuts, soybeans and cacao as they are rich in magnesium! 

Preventive measures

Healthy gums prevent various problems, such as gum recession, infections and even serious health problems. Therefore, it is very important to brush your teeth well, floss and use interdental brushes, but also to absorb the right nutrients. 

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