Brushing your teeth makes your teeth beautiful, healthy and strong. That is why dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day and dental hygienists say that flossing also contributes to a strong and healthy set of teeth. But what else should you be aware of when brushing your teeth? Here are six useful tips about brushing your teeth!

At least 2 minutes

Brushing your teeth should take at least two minutes. Time yourself using a kitchen timer or your phone timer and only stop when you have brushed all your teeth. Plaque is removed only when you brush your teeth long enough and that takes time.

The right time

We regularly hear dentists say that we need to brush our teeth twice a day. But what is the best time to do this? Most dentists recommend brushing your teeth after breakfast and before going to sleep. Did you drink juice or a soft drink? Wait at least an hour before brushing your teeth because otherwise the acids from these drinks can cause even more damage to your teeth.

Dentist visits

OK, visiting the dentist is probably not your favourite activity, but it is extremely important. Even when you think nothing is wrong, a dentist sees more than you and can prevent cavities and plaque in early stages. Most dentists recommend annual or biannual visits. 

Replace it on time

You probably won’t be surprised to know that brushing with a worn-out toothbrush has little effect. But did you know that most toothbrushes have had their day after three months? That is why dentists and dental hygienists recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months.


Your dentist probably tells you often that flossing is very important to keep your teeth strong and healthy. It is precisely for this reason that we emphasize it here as well. You should regularly clean the spaces between your teeth with dental floss, dental sticks or interdental brushes. 

Stimulate your gums

Last but not least: stimulate your gums! Plaque often settles between the teeth and the gums. If you want to make sure you don’t skip this area when brushing, then the Better Toothbrush is the perfect toothbrush for you! Thanks to its wide head, you brush your teeth and stimulate your gums with one movement. Ideal!

Thanks to these six tips, brushing your teeth will be a piece of cake. You won’t have to worry about that next visit to the dentist. ;-)